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Quality Management

Hongjitang runs quality control at company, workshop and team levels. Quality control is key to all the operations of the company, with every employee holding the “right to veto” on quality issues.

For a TCM manufacturer, quality control must start with its suppliers. Hongjitang maintains QA files on all its suppliers. When ingredients come into the factory they are examined by our TCM raw materials expert team, and any sub-standard materials are immediately rejected. For our Ejiao products, we conduct DNA tests to ascertain that all donkey skins are genuine and of high quality, ensuring the best and purest Ejiao products for our consumers.

 Hongjitang has implemented the latest GMP requirements to guide production and quality control.  Our QA labs are equipped with more than 30 units of the most advanced equipment, including liquid and gas phase chromatographs, and a flight time quadrupole mass spectrometer.  Our QA equipment fully satisfy the quality control requirements of all our 151 products.