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Application of ginseng extract in cosmetics

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection, safety and naturalness of cosmetics. Traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics are made by extracting useful ingredients from Chinese herbal medicine and natural plants. They follow the requirements of the natural environment and human sustainable development, meet people’s pursuit of high-quality living style, and comply with the trend of people’s personalized and diversified consumption and the trend of “green” and “human return to nature”. The trend of “natural” and “no addition” cosmetics undoubtedly brings good development opportunities to Chinese herbal cosmetics.

Ginseng is a precious medicinal material well-known at home and abroad. It has been used for health preservation and treatment for more than 4000 years. At the same time, ginseng is also a rare beauty product. It has been known as “wrinkled face and pill” since ancient times.

How to clarify the action mode and pathway of ginseng on skin and hair clearly and in detail, and solve the problem of ginseng on skin and hair from the mechanism is a hot issue constantly explored by scholars at home and abroad. In order to promote the application of ginseng in cosmetics and the development of new ginseng cosmetics products, this paper will summarize the current results and introduce the research results of ginseng in transdermal absorption, anti-aging, whitening and hair care for reference.

Clinical study:

Ginseng is known as “Immortality” medicine in medical and health care, and cosmetics can promote the smoothness and softness of skin, have a good effect on the prevention and treatment of facial acne, acne scars and brown spots, prevent hair loss and white hair, improve the softness and brittleness of hair, and improve the tensile strength and ductility of hair.

Clinical efficacy:

Delay aging, resist ultraviolet rays, reduce wrinkles, maintain skin moisture, rejuvenate, prevent hair loss and white hair, balance skin metabolism, prevent dandruff, prevent chapped and moisturize skin.

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