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Pharmaceutical Grade Dioctahedral smectite

Dioctahedral powder is a great product that our company select from high quality bentonite, and adopts advanced technology to manufacture, and use the advanced craft, refined it after purify highly

【Character】 It is a kind of grey, off white, light yellow or tiny red fine powder. It has clay smell and color deepened if moistured with water. It is practically insoluble in water, diluted hydraulic acid and alkali hydroxide.This clay, like all clays within our personal health care range, is non-ionized, free of preservatives, colourings and is from isolated quarries. Its naturally high mineral content means its properties are far superior to other clays that may be less pure.
Montmorillonite clay, a type of Calcium Bentontine, has one of the the purest and highest concentration of Montmorillonite.  Rich in trace elements and mineral salts.  Montmorillonite clay has a naturally high alkalinity and strong negative ionic charge.  These properties help draw out toxins from the body.
This great clay and its incredible properties, is ideal for skincare use.  Suitable for normal to greasy skin types.
Can be used internally (drink small amount mixed with water) and externally, applied as a poultice, in lotions, compresses, body wraps, face masks, clay baths.  A versatile, earthy edible natural clay powder from Europe. 

1.Improve the quality and quantity of gastrointestinal mucus, strengthen the mucosal barrier

  1. Help to regenerate digestive tract epithelial cells
  2. Fixed removal of multiple attack factors
  3. .Balance the normal flora and improve the immune function of digestive tract