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Shandong-Eselhaut-Gelatine mit chinesischem Namen Ejiao

Gelatine aus Eselshaut, auch bekannt als Ejiao, ist eine traditionelle chinesische Medizin, die aus Eselshaut gekocht wird, bis sie eine dicke gallertartige Substanz bildet. Es wird seit Tausenden von Jahren in der chinesischen Medizin verwendet. Und Ejiao aus China Esel verstecken Gelatinefabrik, is believed to have various health benefits. For instances, nourishing the blood, improving skin health, and treating respiratory and digestive problems. As senior insider in China Ejiao supplier Shandong, I will post related Ejiao information in this post.

Donkey hide gelatin as considered a high-quality tonic in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). At the same time it is often to treat conditions such as anemia, menstrual disorders, dry cough, and insomnia. Shandong Ejiao, from China donkey hide gelatin factory, is typically consumed as a tonic, either on its own or mixed with other ingredients in soups, teas, or desserts. Reference to Donkey hide gelatin, there is a long history for it. Now let us continue to read below.

China Ejiao supplier Shandong
China Ejiao From Shandong

Shandong Provinz, Ejiao Birthplace

Donkey-hide gelatin is a special product of Shandong national treasure. Ejiao is named after it comes from Dong’e County, Shandong Provinz. It has been praised as a holy medicine for nourishing blood by medical scientists of all dynasties. Shandong is a province in eastern China where the production of Ejiao has a long history. And the Shandong Ejiao Group is the largest and most well-known manufacturer of Ejiao in China.

Particularly, Ejiao is as famous as ginseng and velvet antler, and is also known as theThree Treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Among, Dong’e Ejiao is a nourishing national treasure.

With a history of 3,000 Jahre, donkey-hide gelatin has unique craftsmanship, raw materials, water sources, product characteristics. At the same time it profound historical and cultural value and economic value. The most important thing is that Donkey hide gelatin also integrates the nature, flavor and meridian distribution of TCM theory. As well as the philosophical thought ofYin Yang and five elements, harmony between man and nature”. Thought, the national cultural connotation carried by it is extremely broad and rich.

China Donkey Hide Gelatin factory
China Donkey Hide Gelatin

Whether Donkey Hide Gelatin From China Ejiao Supplier Shandong Is Better Than Others?

The quality of donkey-hide gelatin depends on several factors, including the origin of the donkey hide, production method and quality control process. Moreover, Shandong province has a long history of producing donkey-hide gelatin (Ejiao). And also the Shandong Ejiao Group is a well-known producer of donkey-hide gelatin. These two factors already proove that China Ejiao Supplier Shandong may supply higher quality Donkey hide gelatin.

Composition Of Ejiao From China Donkey Hide Gelatin factory

Donkey hide gelatin is mainly composed of collagen, which can be hydrolyzed to obtain gelatin, protein and various amino acids. The protein content of donkey-hide gelatin is about 60% to 80%. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids (including 7 kinds of essential amino acids for human body). And donkey hide gelatins are nearly 20 kinds of trace elements.

Donkey Hide Gelatin Has Many Function

Donkey-hide gelatin from China Ejiao supplier Shandong, has various function for health care. Let us list below.

  1. Firstly, It is Anti-anemia, promotes the growth of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood.
  2. Secondly, Ejiao from China donkey hide gelatin factory, has the function to enhances human immune.
  3. Thirdly, China Ejiao supplier Shandong provides donkey-hide gelatin that own function with resists fatigue, prevents aging.
  4. Eventually, donkey hide gelatin may maintain the balance of calcium in the body. Particularly, to promote the absorption of calcium.