Hongjitang has established a three-level quality assurance system from shift workers, workshop to the management level. The company always puts priority on quality, and practices the one vote veto system when it comes to quality problems.

It has set up a comprehensive management and control system for incoming raw material and its suppliers. The listed suppliers are evaluated and audited regularly. The quality of raw material are strictly controlled by experienced experts to avoid adulteration, dyeing, weighbridge fraud, contamination and mildew.

The three-level quality supervision are carried out in the whole process of drug production to ensure that all personnel shall implement the related regulations comprehensively, and that finished products are qualified through process control. The company has established a document management system that meets the requirements of the GMP, which can support and guide the production and quality related work.

The company has internal control standards for product that are much stricter than national standards. The quality control department is equipped with more than 30 sets of large-scale precision instruments such as high-performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph, quadrupole mass spectrometer, which can meet the inspection requirements of all product specifications. All inspections are carried out in accordance with the standards to ensure the compliance, stability and reliability of the product quality.