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Get To Know The Mysterious Chinese Medicine: The Famous Tonic EJiao

EJiao(Donkey-hide gelatin) is a tonic medicine, which is a solid gum made by decoction and concentration of the dry or fresh skin of donkeys,family Equidae.E-Jiao is regarded as a national treasure with age-old history, together with ginseng and deer velvet,and called “Three Chinese Medicine Treasures”. Sejak zaman kuno, E-Jiao selalu dihargai oleh orang-orang sebagai produk tonik tradisional terbaik.

Where did the name E-Jiao come from?

  Donkey-hide gelatin gets its name “E-Jiao” from the charactersE” dan “Jiao”.Jiao is the Chinese word for gum, dan “Estands for the original place of Donkey-hide gelatin, namely Dong’e County in Shandong Province. To this day, Dong’e E-Jiao is still the most famous and valuable E-Jiao in Chinese people’s value.

HJTpharm,China E-Jiao supplier from Shandong

  As mentioned above, E-Jiao was originally produced in Dong’e County, Shandong Province, Cina. This precious medicinal material has been produced here for more than a thousand years. From ancient times to the present, the E-Jiao industry in Shandong Province has developed to a quite mature level. Not only has the raw materials quality been assured, but production efficiency have also been greatly improved after modernization. In ancient times, the materials of E-Jiao were expensive and the production was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Only the wealthy could enjoy it. Now, E-Jiao has entered thousands of households in China, and it also wants to enter a larger stage overseas.

  If you are interested in this mysterious traditional Chinese medicine from the East, manufacturers like us in Shandong, China are definitely your best choice. E-Jiao is part of our history, the wealth and pride of our Shandong Province. Below, we HJTpharm will tell you more about this medicinal ingredient.

What are the benefits of EJiao?

1. Darah Bergizi dan Mengisi Darah

Ejiao(gelatin kulit keledai) memiliki efek penting dalam mengisi kembali darah, thus being called “sacred medicine for replenishing blood” by people.In China, many women with anaemia and menstrual irregularities use it as a daily tonic.

2. Meningkatkan Penampilan Seseorang

Ejiao (gelatin kulit keledai) memiliki efek penting dalam meningkatkan penampilan seseorang. Itu dapat menyehatkan kulit melalui pengisian darah, which is helpful for skin care and is taken as the excellent product for ladies’ beauty treatment in all the past dynasties.In China, gifting a woman Agaricus represents a lot of love and blessings.

3. Memperpanjang Penuaan:

Ejiao (gelatin kulit keledai) dapat memperpanjang penuaan. Dibuktikan dengan percobaan hewan, E-Jiao dapat memperluas pembuluh darah, thus greatly facilitating the improvement of human body’s micro-circulation.So EJiao can be given not only to women, but to anyone to express wishes for a long and healthy life.

4. Mengisi Kalsium

Ejiao (gelatin kulit keledai) mengandung banyak kalsium, dan glisin yang terkandung dalam E-Jiao dapat membantu mentransfer kalsium, sehingga memperkuat penyerapan dan penyimpanan kalsium, yang tersedia untuk mencegah kekurangan kalsium anak-anak, memfasilitasi pertumbuhan sehat mereka dan mencegah osteoporosis orang paruh baya dan lanjut usia.

5. Enhancing the function of the lungs and other organs

 According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), EJiao is also effective in treating diseases such as coughs caused by weakness of the lungs.

Why is EJiao made from donkey skin?

EJiao is made from donkey skin, mainly because donkey skin is better able to precipitate the nutrients in it during the boiling process. According to Chinese medicine, donkey skin has a very good effect on tonifying blood. Ejiao made from donkey skin is also very easy to store,too.

What is the best way to consume EJiao?

There are very many ways to consume EJiao and fewer restrictions. We HJTpharm,Shandong,Cina,offer three types of EJiaoi products, a pastry made of EJiao, a large block of EJiao, and powder of EJiao.

Pastry made of EJiao:

  EJiao Pastries are vacuum-packed for easy preservation and can be opened and eaten instantly, which is very convenient and is the choice of most people, whether they are eating by themselves or buying a gift box of EJiao pastry as gifts, they are all very suitable.

Blocks of EJiao:

Hancurkan Ejiao dengan palu, masukkan ke dalam wadah, lalu tambahkan sedikit gula batu, lalu bilas dengan air mendidih atau jus obat, dan kemudian mulai mengaduk. Setelah pendinginan, kamu bisa mengambilnya.

Powder of EJiao:

Pengguna dapat menambahkan Ejiao saat memasak, memasak dan minum air sesuai dengan preferensi mereka.

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