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Arbutin diekstrak daripada bearberry, and most of the arbutins in the market are α-arbutin (synthetic) and β-arbutin (occurring in nature). Although α-arbutin is artificially synthesized, its effect is more than 15 times that of β-arbutin’s whitening effect, and its stability is also relatively good.

Pada masa yang sama, the price of α-arbutin is also much more expensive than that of β-arbutin. Products that claim to have added arbutin in the market are basically β-arbutin if they do not specify that it is α-arbutin. .
So you need to be careful when choosing products.
The efficacy of arbutin:

  1. Arbutin can remove local melanin, and has a good effect on freckle removal and lightening acne marks. The irritation is much lower than that of VC, and it is a relatively mild whitening ingredient.
  2. Arbutin also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and repairing effects.
  3. Arbutin is not a peeling whitening product. Its whitening cycle is long, and it is generally only one metabolic cycle (28 days) to experience its effect.
    The whitening path of arbutin:
    Arbutin can block the synthesis of melanin, thereby achieving a whitening effect. It is also an ideal skin whitening agent in the 21st century. Arbutin is relatively mild and is the first choice for skin whitening.
    Sebagai tambahan, arbutin also has the effect of fast wound healing, so it often appears in some acne repair products.
    Small tips :
    Arbutin is not stable in acidic conditions, so avoid using it with acid products.Ekstrak tumbuhan
    Pada masa yang sama, arbutin has poor photostability and is more suitable for use at night.