Montmorillonite/Diosmecite API

Dioctahedral Smectite is a natural mineral that can effectively treat acute and chronic diarrhea and gastrointestinal inflammation.
We are the leading GMP factory in China for manufacturing Montomorrilonite API material with dozens of years experience. Our product could meet international standards such as CP, EP,USP and etc.
To gurantee the stable quality, our company select from high quality bentonite, and adopts advanced technology to manufacture through advanced euqipments and refined it after purifying highly according to the medicine standard.

We could offer you complete files such as COA, DMF, COPP, GMP, WC etc.

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Model Number:

25kg/drum or according to customer’s need

Product Name:

Cosmetic grade montmorillonite bentonite clay

Main function:

For Cosmetics


3 years








In dry place

Cosmetic grade montmorillonite bentonite clay:

Cosmetic grade montmorillonite is a kind of colloidal product which is prepared by purification, modification and modification of trioctahedral smectite and special dioctahedral montmorillonite. Its highly hydrophilic property makes it form a non Newtonian liquid thixotropic gel in water or alcohols and high polarity cleaning agents such as glycerol and sorbitol. It has excellent expansibility, colloid dispersion, suspension, thickening and thixotropy in water, and is an excellent anti settling agent for waterborne systems. In cosmetics instead of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), it can improve the smoothness, stripiness and stability of the paste. As a component of cosmetics, montmorillonite is used to produce natural ecological moisturizing cosmetics. It has the properties of decontamination, detoxification, antipruritic, beauty and moisturizing.

Mechanism of Action:

Montmorillonite can form a layer of mucosal protective barrier on the skin surface to reduce the evaporation of skin moisture; at the same time, it can form an organic complex with other components in cosmetics to prolong the action time of drugs on the skin surface, so as to play a synergistic effect.

* Immobilize and Eliminate viruses, germs and toxins produced inside the alimentary canal;
* Protects the mucosa from pathogen insult;
* Facilitates mucosa repair and regeneration;
* Balances the enteric flora and promotes homeostasis and blood clotting.