krill Oil


Improve Memory or Sleep


Light shrimp odor

Dosage Form:

Oral Liquid


100% Antarctic krill oil


Dark Red

Shelf life:

2 years


Product Description


krill oil is extracted by food-grade ethanol to eliminate the harmful effects of organic solvents such as alkanes, ketones and ether.

2.No additive
Antarctic krill oil did not artificially add nutrients or synthetic ingredients in order to avoid “oil pollution” and damage to consumer’s health.

3. No bitterness, astringent, ammonia taste
Antarctic krill oil is extracted from sustainably harvested krill with multiple sedimentation techniques and processes. Krill oil tastes without bitterness, astringent and ammonia.

Product description:

Odor: Light shrimp odor
Dosage Form: Oral Liquid
Purity:100% Antarctic krill oil
Appearance: dark red
Storage: keep out of the sun
Shelf life: 2 years


Pure Krill Oil Parameters Unit
Essential Parameters
Total Phospholipids 30~60 g/100g
EPA 8~14 g/100g
DHA 5~8 g/100g
Astaxanthin 150~400 mg/kg
Stability Parameters
Acid value ≤9 mg KOH/g
Peroxide Value ≤0.2 g/100g
Unsaponiflable Matter ≤2 %


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging details:
200 kg drum with inert headspace. We can make to order packing according to your requirements for Haccp certified pure natural astaxanthin antarctic krill oil.