Pharmaceutical Grade Dioctahedral Smectite

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Shandong, China

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Pharmaceutical Grade Dioctahedral smectite


2 years


White powder






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Product Description

Pharmaceutical Grade Dioctahedral smectite
Dioctahedral powder is a great product that our company select from high quality bentonite, and adopts advanced technology to manufacture, and use the advanced craft, refined it after purify highly


It is a kind of grey, off white, light yellow or tiny red fine powder. It has clay smell and color deepened if moistured with water. It is practically insoluble in water, diluted hydraulic acid and alkali hydroxide.


1.Improve the quality and quantity of gastrointestinal mucus, strengthen the mucosal barrier
2. Help to regenerate digestive tract epithelial cells
3. Fixed removal of multiple attack factors
4.Balance the normal flora and improve the immune function of digestive tract

Test Item Standard
Acidity and alkality Not more intense than white precipitate produced by 5.0 ml of standard sodium chloride solution.
Carbonate Negative
Water-solute Matter No more than 0.7%
Loss on Drying Loss wt. not more than 10.0%
Particle size d(0.5)6-23μm;
Volume average particle size D[4,3]8-27μm
Heavy Metals Not more than 10 ppm
Arsenic Not more than 2 ppm
Swelling Capacity 2.0-5.0
Absorbability Strychnine Sulfate adsorbed per gram should be 0.35to 0.55g
Christobalite and other impurities test In the obtained sample X-ray diffraction spectrum, peak height ratio of christobalite should be ≤50%, any other impurity ≤70%.
Total Bacterial Count ≤200 cfu/g
Mold ≤100 cfu/g
Escherichiacoli None
E.Coliform ≤100 cfu/g
Assay(on dried basis) The assay of Al2O3 should be 12.0%-25.0%
The assay of SiO2 should be 55.0%-65.0%