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Product Description

Stevia extract as a new natural sweet agent, been widely used in foods, drinks, medicines and daily chemicals, Broadly speaking, in all the sugar products, the stevia extract can be used to take the place of cane sugar or gluside, Presently, stevioside is mainly used in drinks and medicine, especially in beverage.Stevia extract is also used in the frozen food, canned rood, candied fruits, spices, wine, chewing gum and toothpaste, The dosage of stevioside varies according to the difference of products. Stevia Extract can be determined through repeated research and experiments so as to guarantee the quality, feeling and taste of product.


1. Stevia extract controls high blood pressure.
2. Stevia extract helps loose weight and reduce cravings for fatty foods.
3. Stevia extract induced beverages lead to improved digestion and gastrointestinal functions besides providing relief from upset stomachs.
4. Stevia extract has anti-bacterial properties can help prevent minor illness and cure mnor wound.
5. Stevia extract can help solve various skin problems.


1. Applied in the food field, it is mainly used as a non-calorie food sweetener.
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, stevioside is approved to use in medicine in 1992, and developing many new products in few years.
3. Applied in other products, such as beverage, liquor, meat, daily products and so on.
4. As a kind of condiment, it also can play a preservative role to extend shelf-life.