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Let’s walk into the real ginkgo biloba extract

Hello, everyone. I believe everyone is familiar with Ginkgo biloba extract, but many people seem to be familiar with it, but there are many misunderstandings. Your understanding may stay that this product is easy to adulterate, difficult to distinguish, and the price difference is great. When we talk about the ginkgo event in 2015, there will be a lot of estrangement, but no one can ignore its position in the health care products industry. Today, let’s take you into the familiar strangerGinkgo biloba extract.

Production technology of Ginkgo biloba

Ethanol extractionFiltrationconcentrationstatic deoiling (diatomite, also directly removed the upper layer of liquid) – centrifugationupper column (D101 or DM-130 resin adsorption) – water washinglow alcohol washhighly alcohol elutionconcentration (1 multi wave beauty degree) – spray drying

D101 and DM-130 have higher efficiency, and the content of flavonoids and lactones in Ginkgo biloba are relatively high.

Application of products

The main efficacy recorded in the data of health food is to reduce fat. The related products are natto ginkgo capsule, green tea ginkgo soft capsule, ฯลฯ. the 140-150 mentioned above mainly refer to the direct use of Ginkgo biloba extract. The raw materials of Ginkgo biloba do not count the application and addition amount: hundreds of hogs to tens of grams. (refer to the data obtained from adding formulas to many finished products)

Market trend of Ginkgo biloba extract

The health food market is not particularly large, generally ranging from 50-200 kg,

Ginkgo biloba extract occupies a large market, mainly pharmaceutical factories and exports,

The pharmaceutical factory is generally used to make ginkgo leaves. The normal scale usually consumes several tons a year.

เครื่องสำอาง: the standard of Ginkgo biloba extract used in cosmetics is similar to that of drugs. This raw material is mainly used in cosmetics for anti wrinkle and whitening!

Cosmetic requirements: color (limiting its application), water solubility, price.

In cosmetics, natural antiseptic raw materials are now important and also used. The addition amount for sterilization (mainly the efficacy of flavonoids) refers to the 2012 food and Drug Administration Ginkgo biloba extract addition standard (available online). There is little use in cosmetics.