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The Function And Effect Of Herbal Paste

When choosing a suitable herbal paste for yourself, you should first understand its formula and function. Let’s see what it does and what it does

Herbal paste is made of pear, วันที่สีแดง, lily, hawthorn and other herbal

1.Creation method

Paste side of the production process spread for thousands of years, the process is complicated, the requirements are very strict, the whole process is very complex, all the heat of the line by experience. It needs to go through 8 processes of selection, preparation, washing, soaking, frying, secret, filtration and collection. It needs 12 hours of dipping, 3 steps of extraction, 4 times of concentration, 48 hours of gumming, 3 times of cooking, and gentle fire to harvest paste. It takes about 7 days to boil. Through these 8 traditional procedures, the paste recipe can be hung in summer and pulled in winter. The taste is extremely smooth and sweet.

2.Regulation of qi and blood

In traditional Chinese medicine, Qi and blood are the main material basis of Yin and Yang, as well as the most basic material basis for human life activities. The disharmony between Qi and blood is an important cause of the imbalance of Yin and Yang. Through the paste formula to regulate qi and blood, make the whole body flow of qi and blood, biochemical active, to achieve the purpose of abundant qi and blood, vigorous, health and longevity.

3.Matters need attention

It should be taken on an empty stomach. If it is uncomfortable to take on an empty stomach, it can be taken after meals.Wash, warm boiling water and evenly.Welling, also known ascontaining”, will paste in the mouth, let the medicine slowly dissolve in the mouth. If the paste is thick and difficult to close, it can be taken after water evaporation.Start with small doses and increase gradually as recommended by your doctor.

4.If the following conditions occur during use, the paste should be stopped

Excessive obstruction of phlegm and salivation — ไอและเสมหะ, แน่นหน้าอก, gastric fullness,Unclean diet,Sudden coma;,Heat syndrome, such as fire, constipation, headache, ฯลฯ.