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Hongjitang bắt tay với Macao

Lễ khai mạc hợp tác công nghiệp giữa Sơn Đông và Macao được tổ chức tại Khoa học Nam Quảng Đông & Công viên công nghệ vào tháng 12. 17. Ma Cao có một vị trí thuận lợi trong số các thành phố lớn trong Khu vực Vịnh Lớn Quảng Đông-Hồng Kông-Macao, which caters to the needs of enterprises from Shandong aiming for global business. Representing traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers from Shandong, Hongjitang will work with industrial peers in Macao for the R&D and standardization of TCM production on the overseas market.

Hongjitang will set up a sub company in the South Guangdong Science & Technology Park and produce and distribute TCM patent drugs, dietary supplements and health food through local and e-commerce channels. It will also cooperate with the university of Macao for the R&D of new TCM drugs.

Carrying on the essence of TCM while pursuing innovations in the field, Hongjitang’s business activities in Macau shall promote the knowledge of TCM on the Southeast Asian market as well as in the countries and regions covered by the One-Belt One-Road Initiative.