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Booming Success for Hongjitang at CPHI 2023

Bacelona, 25th Tháng 10, Hongjitang a trailblazer in pharmaceutical solutions, emerged as a standout exhibitor at the CPHI 2023 Pharmaceutical Ingredients Expo held in Barcelona The event witnessed an unprecedented influx of clients visiting the Hongjitang booth, underscoring the company’s influence in the pharmaceutical landscape.

During the expo, Hongjitang introduced its unique raw materials, API raw materials Diosmectit dl-muscone, l-muscone, sodium hyaluronate; functional new raw materials PQQ, UC II (Undenatured-Type-II-Collagen) and nervonic acid etc.

Hongjitang’s participation in CPHI 2023 proved to be a resounding success, with clients from around the world flocking to experience the company’s innovative products and cutting-edge solutions. The booth served as a hub of activity, with engaging demonstrations and personalized consultations showcasing MacroMed’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

See you in Milan 2024 CHPI Euro.