Chiết xuất trái cây nhà sư



Chemical Formula


Vẻ bề ngoài:

Milk White


Medical Grade/Food Grade

Regular Specification:

10%~98% Mogroside V

Mô tả Sản phẩm

Monk fruit, called Luo Han Guo in China, is used as a sugar substitute. It is known to have a positive effect on blood glucose and help to ease damaged pancreatic cells. Long used to cure coughs And reduce fever, additional health benefits of this unique fruit are constantly being found.

Its dried fruits are ellipse or round, with brown or snuff surface and abundant small pale and black hairs. People have used it for centuries for both its sweet flavor and its medicinal property in China. After processed, it can be used as a remedy for colds and congestion of the lung. Nowadays Luo Han Guo is used as a low calorie-sweetening agent in juices or drinks, or it can be made into a desirable beverage itself.

Sự chỉ rõ

tên sản phẩmChiết xuất trái cây nhà sư
Botanic NameMomordica Grosvenori Swingle
Active IngredientMogrosides/Mogroside V
Regular Specification10%~98% Mogroside V
Vẻ bề ngoàiMilk White
Size80 Mesh
GradeMedical Grade/Food Grade
Hạn sử dụng2 năm


Hàm số

Monk Fruit extract is Natural sweetener contains few Calories suited to replace artificial sweeteners.
* Monk Fruit extract can relieve cough ,sore throats and respiratory ailments etc.
* Monk Fruit Extract is beneficial for Diabetes
* Monk Fruit Extract has powerful Anti-oxidant function for help to prevent Cancer.
* Monk Fruit Extract is beneficial for Obesity (use as a substitute for sugar in their nutrition)
* Monk Fruit Extract is used to Protect liver
* Monk Fruit Extract is used to improve immunity
* Monk Fruit Extract can prevent carious teeth without any sucrose and starch
* Monk Fruit Extract has a positive effect on blood glucose and helps to ease damaged pancreatic cells after using

Đăng kí

1. Beverages: Beer, Wines, Carbonated Soft Drinks, EnergyDrinks, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Sport Drinks, Isotonic Drinks, Powder SoftDrinks
2. Baked Goods: Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Pies
3. Condiments: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise,Pickles, Steak Sauces
4. Confections: Hard and Soft Candies, Chewing Gums,Chocolates, Chocolate Powders, Cereal Bars
5. Dairy Products: Tabletop Sweeteners, Yoghurts, IceCreams
6. Personal Care: Cosmetics, Lipsticks, Mouth Washes,Toothpaste, Cough Syrup, Dietary Supplements, Protein Drinks, Replacement MealDrinks, Vitamin bars