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Hongjitang Pharmaceutical currently holds 151 registration numbers. It has 10 dosage forms, 10 exclusive product specifications, dan 10 products recommended for COVID-19 by the National Health Commission and the Health Commission of Shandong Province.
The range of products includes traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbs, API, Ejiao related products, and functional foods.

Hongjitang is deepening its integration of production, academia, research, ubat, and innovation. It’s establishing the Hongjitang Central Research Institute as a comprehensive platform for research, including institutes such as the Jinan Research Institute, Hengqin Research Institute, Macau Research Institute, and Functional Food Research Institute.

These institutes are actively and effectively exploring various dimensions in innovative drug research and development, development of classical TCM formulas, construction of a comprehensive evaluation system for traditional Chinese medicines, and research and development of Chinese herbal formula granules.

Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals has established a distinguished teamworks, including academicians, national TCM masters, and renowned TCM experts. It has also forged collaborative relationships with several prominent institutions. Focusing on areas of strength such as the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, urogenital system, pediatrics, and geriatric diseases, the company is dedicated to researching and developing innovative Chinese medicine and improved new drugs that possess clinical efficacy and distinct characteristics.

Furthermore, they are engaged in cultivating a wide range of products. This involves clearly defining clinical positioning and reevaluation, as well as conducting in-depth research into the mechanisms of action. By doing so, they aim to enhance product quality and scientific value. Their efforts contribute actively to the transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

OEM Dosage Types

We are available to provide tablets, capsules, pills, oral solution, granules, powders, pills and etc.

Tel: +8613181703269