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Apa itu montmorillonit?

Montmorillonit is also called microcrystalline kaolinite. It is a layered structure, flake crystalline silicate clay ore. Named after its first discovery in the city of Monte, Perancis. Its name is Guanyintu, and there are 11 species of its family.

Montmorillonite belongs to the Smectite family, the dioctahedron subfamily, A 2: 1 crystal water containing structure is formed by two layers of silicon-oxygen tetrahedron connected with a layer of aluminum (magnesium) oxygen (hydroxide) octahedra connected with common edges. It is one of the most varied crystal structures in clay minerals. The experimental results of slow scanning by diffractometer show that it is natural nano-materials.

Montmorillonite has the function of ion exchange. The first is the cation such as Na +, Ca2 +, K +, Mg2 ~ +, Li +, H. +, Al3 +, dll. The exchange is reversible. In the medium with pH 7, the cation exchange capacity is 70 ~ 140 me / 100 G.

Montmorillonite usually contains three conditions of water. Surface free of water, interlayer adsorption of water and lattice water. It has strong water absorption and swells after water absorption, itu adalah, the distance between the lattice bottom surface increases. The crystal axis C0 can reach 1.84 ~ 2.14 nm at high hydration state. In aqueous media it can be dispersed in colloidal state. It is quickly lost in water when heated. 100 ~ 200 °C off the adsorbed water, 500 °C when a lot of lattice water began to escape.

Montmorillonite is electronegative. It has great influence on colloid property and rheological function. Electronegativity mainly comes from three aspects:

  1. The lattice displacement together with the internal compensating displacement forms the lattice electrostatic charge. Each unit cell is about 0.66 nm;
  2. Electronegativity of broken bonds;
  3. Electronegativity formed by dissociation of octahedral sheets.

Now there are two definitions of montmorillonite products:

  1. An explanation of the montmorillonite products of the metal mine industry: The content of smectite in the clay mine is greater than 80%. Such as the desiccant, dll. It is a primary component of bentonite. Namun, bentonite is not montmorillonite, and smectite is not bentonite. It only needs to be purified from bentonite.
  2. The other is the requirements of medical cosmetics and other professions for its products. This is the true meaning of montmorillonite. Its concept is close to the definition of montmorillonite in the field of scientific research. Its product content is qualitative and quantitative by XRD and other methods. The animal montmorillonite described in this paper is the product of this layer.

Montmorillonite is used in animal breeding, and the product must be purified. It is necessary to determine non-toxic (arsenic, mercury, lead, quartzite does not overspend). Any direct use of bentonite raw ore for animal breeding will cause damage to livestock and secondary damage to people.

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