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The 17th China Growth-oriented Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Conference

The 17th China Growth-oriented Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Conference, along with the 5th World Traditional Chinese Medicine Service Trade Conference/5th World Traditional Medicine Forum, was held in Xia’men from November 22 to 25.

Themed “Growth Power: Embracing the ‘Core’ Momentum,” this conference featured high-level forums and parallel sessions focusing on aspects such as “Pharmaceutical Industry,” “Pharmaceutical Retail,” and “Pharmaceutical Digitization.” It deeply implemented the new development concept, demonstrating greater efforts in promoting the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical and health industry, achieving breakthroughs, progress, and contributions in the service and integration of the new development pattern. Participants collectively explored the trends, opportunities, and challenges in the development of China’s health industry, leading the industry in innovative development.

On the evening of November 22, the Hongjitang Night – a grand ceremony for the Wisdom National Medicine Hongjitang – was held. Partners of Hongjitang Pharmaceutical and colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry gathered to discuss development prospects, raise a toast to the new chapter of the pharmaceutical and health industry, and convey the profound friendship of win-win cooperation among pharmaceutical enterprises.

At the beginning of the banquet, Xu Yuping, Chairman of the China Medical Materials Association, and Guo Chunbiao, Secretary-General of the World Traditional Medicine Forum, delivered speeches.

Li Zhong, Vice President of Hogjitang Pharmaceutical Group, delivered a speech, expressing that the China Medical Materials Association has built a broad platform for the pharmaceutical and health industry. The hosting of this conference is not only a significant event in promoting exchanges and mutual trust in the health industry but also a grand event in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry. Building on the platform provided by the association, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical has been dedicated to becoming a leader in the Wisdom National Medicine, with a vision to inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, lead in Chinese medicine innovation, and create an integrated Wisdom National Medicine complex. In recent years, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical has made significant strides in research and development innovation, market expansion, intelligent manufacturing, brand promotion, cultural tourism and health, project support, and digital transformation. In the future, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical is willing to work with partners to adhere to good medicinal materials, good processes, and good quality, focusing on innovative, effective, safe, and reliable medicines, jointly writing a new chapter in the innovative development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.