One hundred years of Chinese medicine brand, started in 1907

R&D Platforms

China Plant Extract Supplier


Century-Old enterprise Long history

Hongjitang was founded in 1907. It is a nationally-known company, which produce natural plant extracts, animal extracts, dispensing granules and APIs

Advanced research and innovation ability

Hongjitang has always placed a strong emphasis on the research and innovation work, which is supported by a team about 80 professionals including 7 PhDs. 

Strict quality system Multiple quality checks

Adhere to the source control, strictly manage suppliers, conduct supplier audit according to regulations, establish supplier files, and implement performance evaluation on suppliers.

Sustainable product supply customer solutions

Hongjitang production workshop covers an area of more than 500 mu, realizing an annual output value of 3 billion yuan for plant extracts,

About Us

Hongjitang is one of the first batch of Chinese old brands, one of the top 100 brands of Chinese national medicine, and a national high-tech enterprise. “In 1915, Hongjitang Colla Corii Asini was awarded the “Superior Gold Medal” at the Panama International Exposition, which is the highest honor for Chinese medicine in the world and the first Chinese medicine product to go global.