An Cung Nguu Hoang Hoan

Product Description

Angong Niuhuang Wan (AGNHW) is a classic prescription in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) used for stroke treatment.

Angong Niuhuang Wan Function

1. Used in excess syndromes of stroke due to warm and heat pathogens such as lingering of heat pathogen in the pericardium, phlegm and heat pathogens confusing the heart, coma caused by apoplexy, and infantile convulsion, marked by high fever, dysphoria, coma and delirium; including such diseases with the above symptoms as encephalitis B, hepatic coma, coma due to acute cerebral hemorrhage, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, toxic dysentery, uremia and toxic hepatitis.

2. Removing heat and toxic substances, relieving convulsion, and restoring consciousness. For Fever, irritation, spasm, coma, and abnormal speech. High fever, irritation, spasm, coma, and abnormal speech. Effective for apoplectic coma, cephalitis,
cephalomeningitis, encephalopathia toxica, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral septicemia,marked by above symptoms

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