Krill Oil

Krill Oil is a natural dietary supplement with phospholipid omega-3s, choline and astaxanthin with proven health benefits.Our krill oil comes from the pristine waters of Antarctica ( non-polluting, low-temperature).It is produced through a special process and fully retains the rich nutrients and flavors of Antarctic krill.

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Antarctic Krill Oil Nutrition Facts

1. OMEGA-3
Phospholipid OMEGA-3

Phospholipid is an important component of cell membrane. Phospholipid DMEGA-3 can not only supplement cell membrane nutrition, but also be easily absorbed.
Various unsaturated fatty acids

2. Marine protein

Highly palatable, contains easily digestible protein
Supplement daily protein requirement

3. Astaxanthin

It has powerful astaxanthin properties and is a carotenoid with strong antioxidant capacity.
Astaxanthin can protect polyunsaturated fatty acids, prevent their oxidation, and ensure the lasting natural and fresh quality of shrimp meal.
Like a natural preservative

4. Choline

An essential nutrient
Has a variety of physiological health functions, important for muscle function, memory, methylation and liver lipid transpor


1. Pet food:
To keep pets healthy, Antarctic krill meal provides long-chain OMEGA-3 fatty acids,
Marine protein, choline and the antioxidant astaxanthin. The unique feature of the product is that krill OMEGA–3 is mainly bound to phospholipids, which is more conducive to being integrated by cells.

2. Bait
The attractiveness of Antarctic krill meal has an amazing fish-collecting effect, and at the same time, it can enhance the delicious taste of the bait.

3.Food additives
Antarctic krill powder has a unique flavor, rich seafood flavor, rich in various nutrients, and is a natural condiment.

4. Aquatic feed
Antarctic krill live in low temperature and pure Antarctic waters and feed on plankton, so Antarctic krill meal is highly safe. The palatability of Antarctic krill meal comes from low molecular weight water-soluble substances, which form effective attractants and flavoring agents. Antarctic krill is rich in astaxanthin, a natural pigment that can increase the bright body color of fish and shrimp;
β-carotene and astaxanthin in Antarctic krill meal play an important role in regulating the immune system of fish, enhancing disease resistance and improving survival rate;
Antarctic krill meal is high in protein and contains mineral elements such as copper, selenium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus, and has a comprehensive and balanced nutrition.