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Shandong’s Exclusive! National smart pharmaceutical company Hongjitang is globally recommended by the Ministry of Commerce at CIIE (China International Import Expo)!

As a symbol of the Chinese national heritage, time-honored brands bear the essence of China’s outstanding traditional culture and embody the wisdom of Chinese commercial civilization. They are the “golden signboards” that have withstood market scrutiny and gained consumer recognition. Time-honored brands serve as a crucial leverage point for the development of China’s characteristic brands.

On November 7th, as one of the significant events of the 2023 CIIE, the Third Innovation and Development Conference for Chinese Time-Honored Brands was successfully held. During the conference, Li Gang, director of the Department of Commerce’s Development Bureau for the Retail Industry, highlighted outstanding time-honored enterprises nationwide in terms of heritage preservation and innovative development. He globally announced the top ten exemplary cases of adherence and innovation among Chinese time-honored brands, allowing the world to witness the innovative development of these brands. Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals, as the only representative from Shandong Province, proudly made it to the list as a typical case of adherence and innovation!

With roots deep in a century of heritage, Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals seizes the winds of innovative development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the world has undergone unprecedented changes, and the party and the country consider the inheritance and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine as an important part of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and a significant aspect of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At this new starting point, the time-honored brand Hongjitang adheres to the mission of inheriting the essence of Chinese medicine and leading the innovation of traditional medicine. With a vision to become a leader in intelligent national pharmaceuticals, it implements the central party’s development ideology of “putting the people at the center,” establishes a platform for technological innovation, promotes the construction of national and provincial-level technological innovation platforms, and wholeheartedly builds a comprehensive “Smart Traditional Chinese Medicine” entity in areas such as intelligent production, drug research and development, business models, brand empowerment, and cultural wellness. The strategic realization of “Smart Traditional Chinese Medicine” is leading the way in the intelligent innovation development of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the new era, the age of digitalization and intelligence is swiftly arriving for businesses. Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals, as an intelligent national pharmaceutical entity, deeply integrates new-generation information technologies such as big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things with traditional Chinese medicine processes. Through this integration, it empowers the intelligent manufacturing of traditional Chinese medicine with technology, achieving the automation, digitization, and intelligence of Chinese medicine production. Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals is leading the way in intelligent production, with ongoing construction of intelligent zones such as the Smart Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy, Laiwu Industrial Park, Shanghe Production Base, and the Intelligent Manufacturing Project for Ejiao. The strategic planning for the smart transformation of Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals is taking shape.

Currently, Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals has completed the construction of the Smart Pharmacy Management Platform and the Internet Hospital Platform. Moreover, it has formulated group standards for Shandong Province and local standards for Jinan City, providing comprehensive support for the modernization, industrialization, and standardization development of traditional Chinese medicine.