In China, Ejiao has been used as the pharmaceutical over 3000 years history. Hongjitang,founded in 1907, has set up the Hongjitang Ejiao Factory in 1909.

Hongjitang Ejiao won a gold medal at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, which is the highest honor in Ejiao industry.

In 2009, its gelatine-making craft has been listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Hongjitang only use domestic donkey skins to gurantee Ejiao’s effectiveness and high-contents, and tested DNA for each batch of donkey’s skin to gurantee the raw material’s genuinity.


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The function of Ejiao (donkey-hide gelatin)

1. Nourishing Blood and Replenishing Blood

Ejiao(donkey-hide gelatin) has the notable effect in replenishing blood, thus being called “sacred medicine for replenishing blood” by people.

2. Improving One’s Looks

Ejiao (donkey-hide gelatin) has the notable effect in improving one’s looks. It can nourish skin through replenishing blood, which is helpful for skin care and is taken as the excellent product for ladies’ beauty treatment in all the past dynasties.

3. Prolonging Aging:

Ejiao (donkey-hide gelatin) can prolong aging. Proved by animal experiment, E-Jiao can expand the blood vessel, thus greatly facilitating the improvement of human body’s micro-circulation.

4. Replenishing Calcium

Ejiao (donkey-hide gelatin) contains the abundant amount of calcium, and the glycine contained in E-Jiao can help transferring the calcium, thus reinforcing the absorption and storage of calcium, which is available to prevent children’s calcium deficiency, facilitate their healthy growth and prevent middle-aged and old people’s osteoporosis.


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Tel: +8613181703269