Montmorillonite/Diosmecite API

Dioctahedral Smectite is a natural mineral that can effectively treat acute and chronic diarrhea and gastrointestinal inflammation. We are the leading GMP factory in China for manufacturing Montomorrilonite API material with dozens of years experience. Our product could meet international standards such as CP, EP,USP and etc. To gurantee the stable quality, our company select from high quality bentonite, and adopts advanced technology to manufacture through advanced euqipments and refined it after purifying highly according to the medicine standard. We could offer you complete files such as COA, DMF, COPP, GMP, WC etc.

Mechanism of Action:

* Immobilize and Eliminate viruses, germs and toxins produced inside the alimentary canal; * Protects the mucosa from pathogen insult; * Facilitates mucosa repair and regeneration; * Balances the enteric flora and promotes homeostasis and blood clotting.

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