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The Hongjitang Pharmaceutical (Shanghe) Base Project has been listed as a major project in Shandong Province for the year 2024

Walking at the forefront, forging new developments! On January 12th, the People’s Government of Shandong Province announced the list of major projects for the year 2024, and the Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Shanghe Project has forcefully made it onto the list. This year is crucial for comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, tackling key tasks in the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan,” and accelerating the construction of a strong, new, high-quality, beautiful, and modern socialist province in the new era. Hongjitang Pharmaceutical, as a century-old traditional Chinese medicine enterprise rooted in Qilu and expanding its presence nationwide, exemplifies the commitment and responsibility of time-honored enterprises.

Since its establishment in 1907, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical has been a witness, inheritor, and promoter of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry, carrying the historical mission of optimizing, strengthening, and enlarging the TCM industry. As early as 1915, Hongjitang Ejiao (donkey-hide gelatine) won the first gold medal at the Panama International Exposition, becoming the first national brand to enter the international market. Today, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical has obtained 151 approvals and 10 exclusive product specifications, with its product line covering various areas such as Chinese patent medicines, traditional Chinese medicine decoctions, and API raw materials.

From establishing standards for authentic medicinal herbs to building standardized cultivation bases, from discerning traditional experiences to integrating advanced instrument analysis, from single-item inspections to a comprehensive quality traceability system throughout the entire process, from traditional extensive processing to advanced automated production lines, and further to the application of smart technologies and intelligent manufacturing… Hongjitang Pharmaceutical continues its high-quality development, aiming to create a comprehensive “Smart National Medicine” complex that integrates intelligent production, drug research and development, business models, brand empowerment, and cultural health.

The Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Shanghe Project takes the “Research and Industrialization of Artificial Musk,” which won the first prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award, as the driving force for corporate development. It aims to shape an innovative regional lighthouse-type intelligent factory, setting a new benchmark. Musk, listed as a superior item in the “Shennong Ben Cao Jing,” faced increasing scarcity due to the unregulated hunting of musk deer over the years. After the government classified musk as a first-level key protected wild animal, musk became even scarcer, making it challenging to formulate many valuable Chinese patent medicines.

In the 1970s, the country identified the research on substituting natural musk as a crucial focus and successfully achieved it. The “Research and Industrialization of Artificial Muskhttps project, in which Hongjitang Pharmaceutical participated, received the first prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015. The successful development of artificial musk and l-muscone allowed the continuation of numerous classic Chinese medicine formulas. Artificial musk was approved as a Class I new drug, filling the domestic gap and pioneering the artificial substitution of rare and precious wild Chinese medicinal materials. This breakthrough saved a group of national treasures, Chinese patent medicines that were difficult to formulate due to the scarcity of natural musk.

Currently, the Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Shanghe Project is in the midst of intense construction. Once completed, the project is expected to achieve an annual output value of 1.3 billion yuan. It aims to realize automation, digitization, and intelligence, constructing a park for the 5G+ industrial internet and green ecological fine chemical industry. The goal is to create a first-class data-driven pharmaceutical intermediate such as l-muscone unicorn enterprise. Hongjitang Pharmaceutical will adhere to the directives outlined in the 20th Party Congress report, promoting the inheritance and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine. In alignment with government work arrangements, it strives to be a pioneer, shouldering the mission of inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, leading in Chinese medicine innovation, and producing trustworthy, effective, innovative, and safe medicines. The company aims to safeguard the health of the people.